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GreenWay Heating & Cooling is your local Mishawaka air conditioning specialist. Our team is ready to perform a/c repair, pre-season or preventative maintenance, installation and replacement.

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  • Pre-Season & Preventative Maintenance
  • Scheduled & Emergency A/C System Repair
  • Air Conditioning System Replacement & New Installations

Check These Things Before You Call Us:

On a significant percentage of our heat pump repair calls, it turns out the problem was simple and could have been corrected easily by our customer. Check these items before you call:

  • Make sure your thermostat is "ON", is set to "COOL", and the desired room temperature is set higher than the current ambient temperature.
  • Check your circuit breaker panel to ensure that your heating system breaker is "ON".
  • Make sure your "SYSTEM SWITCH" is set to "ON". This switch is typically a traditional toggle switch that may have a RED cover-plate.
  • Change your furnace filter and re-start your furnace.
  • If your thermostat was or the system power was off, after turning the system on give it a few minutes; many AC systems have a time-delay function on start-up.
  • If your system is blowing cool air, but not cooling as well as it should, check your outdoor unit to ensure there is nothing blocking airflow through the outdoor coil. PLEASE NOTE: Be very careful not to damage the fins on your outdoor coil and call us if you need help!

After checking these items, if your AC System is still not running properly call us day or night and we’ll dispatch a service tech to help! These are common air conditioning service items we help homeowners with:

  • Air conditioning is not turning on or not cooling
  • Indoor temperature too hot or too cold
  • Some rooms are properly conditioned and some are too warm
  • Indoor coil or refrigerant lines covered with heavy frost or ice
  • Breaker to the outdoor unit tripped more than once
  • A vibration or odd noise with the outdoor or indoor unit
  • Thermostat not working properly

We will thoroughly evaluate your air conditioning system and prepare thorough job estimate.

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4SCU20LX High-Efficiency Variable-Capacity Air Conditioner

True Variable-Capacity Cooling
Rather than running at one or even two speeds, the 20LX Inverter-Driven Scroll Compressor changes its speed in small, precise increments and adjust cooling up and down like a dimmer switch. So temperatures are held exactly where you want them, even in extremely hot weather.

Integrated Compressor Protection
The combination of both high and low pressure switches protect the compressor, the heart of the system. High and low pressure switches guard against a variety of conditions to help keep your system running for years.

4SCU16LS High-Efficiency Two-Stage Air Conditioner

Two-Stage Scroll Compressor
The two-stage scroll compressor will run longer, gentler cooling cycles at low capacity during mild weather and switch to full capacity on hotter days, keeping you comfortable all season long.

Up to 16 SEER Efficiency
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rates the energy efficiency of your cooling equipment. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently your unit operates, saving you money on utility bills.

4SCU16LE Quiet, Single-Stage Air Conditioner

Single-Stage Scroll Compressor
Our reliable single-stage compressors are made from quality materials that are built to provide you year-after-year comfort.

Up to 16 SEER Efficiency
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rates the energy efficiency of your cooling equipment. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently your unit operates, saving you money on utility bills.

GreenWay Heating & Cooling is ready to take care of any air conditioner repair that you need.

High-efficiency air conditioners are very reliable but after years of service, your A/C will need repairs to continue working efficiently.

Give GreenWay a call when your air conditioner is acting up!

Just like your car, air conditioners should receive annual maintenance to avoid the need for an emergency repair or down-time.

Before the summer kicks into high gear make sure to call your local Mishawaka air conditioner experts at GreenWay for pre-season maintenance to ensure your home will be cool all summer.

Over time repairs will become less and less effective and as the repair bills stack up it might make more sense to replace your existing cooling system with a high-efficiency air conditioner from Armstrong Air.

Give GreenWay a call today to schedule your estimate for a system replacement or new installation. We're ready to help you!