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First and foremost, if you smell gas exit your home and call us (574) 304-7548 immediately. Let an expert determine the best course of action for fixing a gas leak. Gas leaks can be serious—even fatal.

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Gas Leak Warning Signs

  • Do you occasionally smell gas in your home?
  • Have your gas lines been checked in the last 4 years?
  • Are your gas lines old galvanized pipe?
  • Have you upgraded to a tankless water heater or increased your gas usage for some other reason and find appliances don’t heat up like they use to?
  • Does your gas bill seem higher than normal?

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Gas Piping and Repair Services

Besides leaks and plumbing issues, we also provide a wide range of gas piping and repair services. Whether you need services for your main gas line, your gas stove, fireplace, or other gas appliance, let our GreenWay plumbing experts inspect your problem and provide the best solution. With our experience and 24/7 emergency service, you can count on us to efficiently resolve the issue. From installations to relocations to standard gas pipe repair, we’ll make sure the job is done properly and safely so that you avoid future leaks, ruptures or blockages.

We work with both propane and natural gas piping, so whether you need to run a new line, replace an electric stove with a gas stove, or are in need of any amount of gas piping repair, rely on the GreenWay experts.

We’ll provide a quick and accurate estimate and will guarantee our work in writing.

Read our customer reviews; then with confidence call (574) 304-7548.

Gas piping and repair should not be attempted by homeowners due to the many safety considerations and ordinances that have to be met.

Dealing with natural gas or propane is a serious matter and should never be attempted by someone who is not qualified and certified to do this kind of work. In the South Bend area, licensed plumbing contractors are the only people considered qualified by the local municipalities. It is generally necessary for the licensed plumber to “pull a permit” with the city before doing the work. After installation of the gas line, a city inspector will come and inspect the installation to make sure it was done correctly.

Why gas lines must be installed by only licensed plumbers

When adding a new gas line to an existing house’s gas system, it is necessary to determine the total BTU load of the house and then add to that the number of BTU’s you will be adding. The unified plumbing code has a chart that is to be followed to determine how many BTU’s a particular size of pipe can handle. If the original line that you want to add the gas line to is not sized correctly, then it might not be capable of supplying enough BTU’s to all fixtures when needed. If this happens, you have serious trouble; i.e. problems with the operation of all gas appliances on that line. This is one of many reasons why gas lines must be installed by only licensed plumbers approved by the city.